Xailin Fresh Dry Eye Drops


For the relief of dry eye syndrome

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Packaged in individual vials: 30 vials per boxContain 0.5{2a0fb2ff3684c6591907eb72102edd95193fa0f4b70ac682f80cf80c3ca19b35} Carmellose Sodium to soothe and lubricate the eyes surfaceIndicated for Dry Eye SyndromeSuitable for use with contact lensesPreservative Free&ltSample product href="https://dev.goopticians.com/sample-xailin-fresh-dry-eye-drops.html">available here!</a></strong><br /> href="https://dev.goopticians.com/about-dry-eyes">More info here</a> on dry eyes, or href="https://dev.goopticians.com/ask-ed">Ask Ed</a> your dry eye questions!

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