Go Opticians 3in1 Hydrogel Sleep & Treatment Mask – Black


Hydrogel Sleep Mask Hot Compress/Cold Pack for Relaxation, Stress, Puffy Tired Eyes, Blepharitis, Dry Eye, Headaches, Travel

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3 in 1 sleep mask cold/hot compress. Can be heated 300 times. Phthalate free, PAHs free, Latex free, BPA. free, meets ISO10993-5. Use hot or cold for: headaches, puffy eyes, tiredness, allergies, stress relief, spa treatments and refreshing cooling, blepharitis, dry eye, MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction), styes, cysts and warming relaxation. Blocks 100{2a0fb2ff3684c6591907eb72102edd95193fa0f4b70ac682f80cf80c3ca19b35} light as opaque gel beads mould gently to your eyes, use warm or at room temperature for peaceful sleep. Hydrogel beads form to the face, maintain temperature, are soft, tactile and attractive. Easy clean wipeable PVC material is hygienic and non toxic.

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