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Medium sized (15cm x 20cm) professional quality microfibre lens cloth – suitable for spec cases, camera bags & pocketsLab Standard Calotherm Microfibre cloth, as used by professional opticians & photographers Suitable for use on binoculars, telescopes, cameras, television screens, mobile phones and tablet screensUsed by our opticians to clean all types of lenses and instruments in our optical practicesSuperior cleaning, removes grease rather than just pushing it aroundDesigned to be used in conjunction with the Calotherm range of lens cleaning sprays

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Save on GoOpticians already great prices when you mix and match Calotherm professional quality lens cleaners, extra 10{2a0fb2ff3684c6591907eb72102edd95193fa0f4b70ac682f80cf80c3ca19b35} off any 2, 15{2a0fb2ff3684c6591907eb72102edd95193fa0f4b70ac682f80cf80c3ca19b35} off any 3 and 20{2a0fb2ff3684c6591907eb72102edd95193fa0f4b70ac682f80cf80c3ca19b35} off any 4 or more!

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